Of The Fields, Lately

Drama 3m/1f

In this brilliant sequel to his first play, Leaving Home, David French reunites the Mercer family. Son Ben returns after an absence of two years to come to his aunt Dot’s funeral, only to find that his father has recently suffered a heart attack. As Jacob tries to come to terms with his situation, and Wiff and Mary grieve for Dot, Ben must make an important decision. Of The Fields, Lately is an astonishing work about the ties of love and pride that bind us to family — and which not even death can sever.

Of The Fields, Lately has won many awards. The play has been produced throughout North America, and was translated into Spanish for an Argentinian production. On Broadway, acclaimed actor Chris Cooper starred as Ben.

“An agonizingly beautiful work.”
-New York Post

“Line by line, scene by scene, Of The Fields, Lately is above reproach.”
-New York Times

“French’s extraordinary inner ear responds once again to heartbeat shifts in emotion and perception, and his lovely sense of comedy controls the contradictions of human nature.”
-Toronto Star

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