Soldier’s Heart

Drama 3m

Sixteen-year-old Jacob Mercer stands on a railway platform in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland in 1924. Jacob’s had a violent fight with his father, Esau, and has decided to take the next train out of town. Six years earlier, Esau Mercer returned from the Great War a damaged man, never able to speak of his time in the trenches. But when Esau arrives at the station in an attempt to stop Jacob from leaving, the boy seizes the opportunity to help his father heal himself. Jacob agrees to stay — if his father will speak about the War. Neither of them are prepared for what happens when Esau finally gives his devastating and unsparing account of what happened on the day that the Newfoundland Regiment was wiped out.

“A finely constructed prequel to 1984’s Salt-Water Moon...French has written another fine play.”
–CBRA Online

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