Brooke’s Road Hockey Tournament

September 9th, 2011 1 comment

If you look carefully at the hockey sticks behind actor Brooke Johnson’s head, you’ll see David’s name inscribed on one of them. Brooke is raising money for Princess Margaret Hospital’s cancer research facilities — by playing in a dawn-to-dusk road hockey tournament on October 1!  Brooke’s playing in honour of her partner Adrian, who’s had a recent bout with cancer, and for her friends in the theatre community who have died of the disease in the past year. I’ll quote a few lines from her essay about why she’s doing it:

“I am looking for Imagination, Belief, Anger, Love and Action, in the form of Donations for Cancer Research. I am playing in the honour of Carolyn, Jackie, Tracy, David, Paul, Maury, Graham, Pete and Gina, among others lost in the past year; and in memory of Pierre; and Sonya and Ted my grandparents, and George Truss; but mostly because Cancer dared to attack my best pal. Please support my fundraising in honour of your best pal.”

Brooke has already received over $5,000 in pledges, and would be happy to add your name to the list.  You can donate and find out more about the tournament by clicking here.

Go, Brooke, go!

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  • brooke says:

    Wonderful. Thank you, Glenda. By the way, it is just one hockey stick (it’s a hard thing to photograph), with,sadly,33 names on it to date. And as for Adrian, his latest test declared that his PSA was undetectable!
    with love,

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