Summer Salt-Water Moons

September 5th, 2011 2 comments

Poster for Salt-Water Moon in Bay Roberts

I spent most of the summer without an internet connection for my computer.  Very restful!  However, because of that, I missed mentioning two amazing Newfoundland productions of Salt-Water Moon: Rising Tide Theatre’s outdoor production of Salt-Water Moon in Trinity Bay, and the SWM production in Bay Roberts, near David’s home town of Coley’s Point.

Rising Tide Theatre has mounted an outdoor production of Salt-Water Moon in Trinity Bay for the past SIXTEEN summers!  I’ve never been lucky enough to see it, but people who have say it’s a magical experience.  You can find out more about Rising Tide by clicking here.

The Victoria LOL #3 Museum and Playhouse in Bay Roberts has a permanent exhibit about David’s career, and it’s been doing annual productions of his work for the past few years.  This year Salt-Water Moon was remounted due to popular demand.  Click here for information about the Museum and Playhouse.

I hope both theatres had a wonderful time with the show.  If anyone has any Salt-Water Moon stories to share, feel free to send them in.  Playing the roles of Jacob and Mary in this show has been described as “a necessary rite of passage for young Canadian actors.”

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  • Sixteen years of Salt-Water Moon at Rising Tide! That’s pretty good going. I remember seeing that lovely production at Waskesiu, Patti Shedden as Mary—and was it James O’Shea as Joseph? We stayed in a rustic lodge and went out to see my father’s first house in Paddockwood, which was being used as a cow-byre.

    My parents still talk about that Salt-Water Moon as one of the best nights of theatre they ever saw.

    (Love the look of this site.)

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