Playwright to Playwright

January 22nd, 2012 1 comment

Recently I had some correspondence with playwright David Gow. In one of his emails, he mentioned meeting David. He’s kindly given me permission to quote the email here:

I was sorry to hear of your David’s passing. I was an admirer of his for some time and he had kind words for me once, having seen something of mine, very kind and encouraging words, which meant a lot to me. In a way it was a humbling moment. “Here is a great writer…” I thought, “who is telling my work is good”. Like the jerk of an elevator, I felt lifted and sobered one moment to the next, and remember the twinkle in his eye and humour which said in effect “we’re on the same ride”. A blinking moment, drinking in another man’s appraisal of my chops, a man whose writing I thought was above all the other writing for the stage- that I had heard under our flag, and great writing by any flag.

David was born the same year as my father, and essentially, yet young by today’s standards. Great that he achieved so much and broke so much ground for so many of us to follow planting in.

David Gow

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    How does one get the rights to produce the play? I cannot find this information with Samuel French or any other sources. Thank you

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