Salt-Water Moon on Granville Island

May 11th, 2012 0 comments

A production of Salt-Water Moon on Granville Island next month stars two amazing young actors: 18-year old Jesse DeCoste, and 16-year old Sofia Newman. The two got to know one another during a high school production of Grease. Sofia and Jesse are both serious about pursuing careers in the theatre, and Jesse is off to LAMDA in London in the fall. The fact that the actors are so close to the ages of the characters in the play will add an authenticity to the show…and both have proven that they have the acting chops!

Sofia has a family connection to David’s work — her mother, Lisa Bunting, played April in Bill Glassco’s wonderful production of 1949 at CentreStage (now Canadian Stage.) Sofia’s father, Richard Newman, directs the show. He once played Jacob in Of The Fields, Lately — and he saw several premiere productions of David’s plays while in Toronto.

Designers for the show include Amy McDougall (costumes) and Sean Malmas (set and lighting), both of whom have worked with the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival. Further information about the show can be found here:

Break legs to all involved! If you’re in the area, be sure to pick up tickets. The show runs from June 19 through 29th at the Carousel Studio Theatre.

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