Salt-Water Moon at the Globe Theatre

April 16th, 2014 0 comments


This spring Globe Theatre produced Salt-Water Moon, directed by Judy Wensel. I’d like to share some of the review that appeared in the Regina Leader-Post:

“Currently on the Main Stage at Regina’s Globe Theatre, Salt-Water Moon is an engrossing and entertaining love story featuring talented actors in a beautiful and creative production. Written two decades ago by well-known Canadian playwright David French, Salt-Water Moon is one of five semi-autobiographical plays about the Mercer family of Newfoundland. The 90-minute show is essentially a conversation between two characters — Jacob Mercer, played by Josh Ramsden, and Mary Snow, played by Lauren Holfeuer…The chemistry between Holfeuer and Ramsden is excellent and they do a great job of portraying the complex characters…Salt-Water Moon explores many interesting themes and will leave theatre-goers with much on which to reflect.”

Congratulations to everyone involved in the show. I’ve heard from many sources that it was a wonderful production!

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