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February 16th, 2023 0 comments

Briony Miller and Joseph Potter in the Finborough Theatre production of Salt-Water Moon, January 2023.

The production of Salt-Water Moon at the Finborough Theatre in London, England has now closed, but I thought I’d share excerpts from some of the reviews:

“Equal parts romantic and heartbreaking, David French’s play remains as timeless as ever.” —The Independent

“Youthful stars shine in Canadian two-hander.” —London Times

“An absorbing, lyrical love story.” —The Stage

Salt-Water Moon does feel like a precious jewel, carried across the Atlantic, finally discovered.” —Theatre Weekly

“An interesting piece of theatre that explores – quite pertinently at a time of economic uncertainty – what lengths people are prepared to go to out of financial necessity, and whether the power of love can override pragmatism. Yes, it’s a love story at the theatre, so the answer is pretty obvious in the end, but this intriguing journey is worth it. A thoughtful and charming production.” —London Theatre 1

“Simple and understated, the end result is a beautifully romantic piece of theatre that effortlessly manages to provide escapism and demonstrate love on that stage, not just between the pair but what the power of theatre can do.” — All That Dazzles

“A piece of writing that explores the nature of love, betrayal, patriotism, loss, forgiveness and loyalty. It revisits a bygone age and harks back to a former and sometimes forgotten spirit of theatre; quietly asserting its relevance. A slow burner, but one that burns bright.”—Spy in the Stalls

“A beautiful study of young love as a way of breaking free from the past.” —Morning Star

“It is the confidence in French’s writing that stands out. Many a historical drama could benefit from such a sure hand – one that doesn’t feel the need for extraneous detail. Likewise, the sense of a real community – still dealing with the aftermath of World War I and full of inequality – shows us the lived experience of its characters with no sniff of a history lesson. This is impressive writing: Salt-Water Moon is a quality show through and through with a strong script skillfully produced.” — Theatre Reviews by Edward Lukes

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